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Du Gia Village

28 October 2023

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    Du Gia Waterfall is an ideal destination chosen by many foreign tourists. Here, you not only get to explore the pristine beauty of the waterfall but also experience activities steeped in ethnic culture.

    Where is Du Gia waterfall located? What are the exciting experiences to be had there?

    Du Gia Waterfall is an enticing destination on the map of Vietnam’s travel enthusiasts. With its stunning routes, rich villages, and homestay services provided by the local community, Du Gia promises to offer you a multitude of fresh experiences when traveling in Ha Giang.

    1. Where is Du Gia Waterfall located?

    Du Gia is a commune in Yen Minh district, approximately 70km from Ha Giang city. It is a place characterized by majestic mountains, lush green villages, and homestay services provided by the local community. Du Gia Waterfull promises to offer you a multitude of new experiences when traveling in Ha Giang.

    Where is Du Gia Waterfall located?

    Du Gia Ha Giang is renowned for its pristine natural landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and clear, winding rivers. It has a serene and picturesque beauty that captivates visitors and makes them fall in love with its fairy-tale-like scenery. This is why Du Gia waterfall has become a popular destination for both local and international travelers, especially among the younger generation.

    Here, you can immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the wilderness, admire the charming landscapes of hills and rivers, and explore the unique cultural traditions and customs of the hospitable local ethnic communities.

    2. When should you visit Du Gia Waterfall?

    Ha Giang presents different beauty in each season, so you can visit Du Gia Ha Giang at any time of the year. However, according to the experiences of many travelers, the period from June to September is the rainy season, with gloomy weather and frequent heavy rains that can inconvenience your trip. 

    Therefore, it is recommended to visit Du Gia Waterfall from October to May of the following year for a more enjoyable and complete experience. In particular, October and November are the months when the buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang are in full bloom, providing you with the opportunity to capture stunning photos.

    When should you visit Du Gia Waterfall?

    3. Directions to Du Gia Ha Giang

    Located in Yen Minh district, over 70km from Ha Giang city, Du Gia is a small commune nestled in the mountains. To reach this destination, you can travel by private car or motorbike. Following the route to conquer Ha Giang, you can travel along the winding road from Meo Vac to Yen Minh, which is about 80km long. This route is famous for its challenging curves and winding mountain roads, so you need to have good driving skills.

    Alternatively, you can reach Du Gia Ha Giang by taking National Highway 4C to Mậu Duệ and then turning onto ĐT181. While this route is about 40km longer, it offers a more straightforward journey. Along the way, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of ripe rice fields, lush green cornfields, and scattered rocky outcrops.

    4. Exploring Du Gia Ha Giang – The Fairy-Tale Village in Northwest Vietnam

    4.1 Admiring the Breathtaking Natural Beauty of Du Gia

    When you visit Du Gia Waterfall, you can take in the stunning views of the clear blue skies, drifting white clouds on the mountaintops, and distant small villages. You can also see terraced fields and the pristine Thâm Luông waterfall where locals often come for a refreshing dip. 

    The scenery here is always full of life, from the villages and mountains to the sky, creating an enchanting allure that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who visits. Whether it’s the sunset or the sunrise, Du Gia Waterfall never fails to showcase its unique beauty, making visitors fall in love with it.

    Admiring the Breathtaking Natural Beauty of Du Gia

    4.2 Experiencing Local Homestay Services

    The homestays in Du Gia Ha Giang are run by the local ethnic communities and provide comfortable accommodations for travelers. Here, you can enjoy local meals, rest, and participate in daily activities with the host families, gaining a deeper understanding of the local way of life. 

    Although not as modern as city accommodations, most homestays have internet access and essential amenities. When you experience a homestay in Du Gia Ha Giang, you also have the opportunity to savor the traditional dishes of the Tày and H’mông ethnic groups.

    4.3 Exploring the Village and Visiting Local Markets

    When you come to Du Gia Waterfall, it’s essential to visit the early morning markets of the local community. Here, you’ll see residents dressed in their colorful traditional attire, and a wide variety of products for sale, from livestock and vegetables to highland specialties like village chicken, mountain fish, and forest bamboo shoots. 

    These markets may not be large, but they are rich in the cultural heritage of the Northwest region, which is becoming increasingly rare. Moreover, Du Gia Ha Giang also has an interesting “love market” that takes place from Friday night to Saturday night in the 2nd week of the 3rd lunar month. The locals often refer to it as the “romantic market” – a place where young men and women meet, chat, and establish connections.


    Exploring the Village and Visiting Local Markets

    4.4 Interacting and Learning About the Culture and Customs of the Local People

    Du Gia Ha Giang is home to over 8,000 people from various ethnic groups, including the Tày, H’mông, and Dao. They are simple, honest, and hospitable farmers. While the development of tourism has improved their lives to some extent, the residents remain humble, gentle, and down-to-earth, just as they have been for generations. 

    Furthermore, the people in this area are amiable and welcoming, so it’s not uncommon for them to invite you for tea or a drink as you stroll around the village. Getting to know and interact with the local people allows you to fully appreciate the warm and kind-hearted nature of the Northwest Vietnamese people.


    Amidst the majestic mountains of the Northwest, Du Gia Waterfall offers a peaceful retreat with its rich villages, endearing people, and poetic, scenic landscapes waiting for you to explore. Don’t hesitate to bring your travel guide and embark on this extraordinary journey to experience the unique charm of this fairy-tale-like land.

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